If you’re a marketer, you know that technology is omnipresent in your daily duties. From web dev, to lead gen, to analytics, practically everything falls under the Martech umbrella. For most of us, having more technology at our fingertips is thrilling. It’s a beautiful thing being able to access analytics and determine ROI in an instant.

All this progress hasn’t come easy though–for some, managing multiple platforms feels like a job in itself. Fortunately, we’ve uncovered four critical areas to help you harness all that data and integrate it to make better business decisions.

Martech Stack Integration

  • Our team has more than 18 years’ experience with business systems integrations.
  • We help you gather analytics and insights from the entire customer journey.
  • We enable you to make smarter marketing decisions on complete 360-degree data.

Scale Your Sales: E-Commerce Platforms

  • We create custom E-commerce platforms tailor to your technology stack and customer journey.
  • We make sure that your E-commerce platform is integrated with all your Martech tools and infrastructure.
  • We work quickly. By using agile processes, we can rapidly get you a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Our Product Owners work with you to prioritize needs which help you stay ahead.

Empowering your Team: CMS Solutions

  • Your team needs the ability to change content quickly with easy workflow and permissions management.
  • We specialize in backend development which helps us to ensure superior performance for indexing and searching.
  • We are well-versed in the vast majority of CMS solutions such as: Sitecore, Orchard, Kentico, Drupel, and more.

Landing Pages & Lead Generation Technology

  • Leverage lead qualification solutions that help you qualify, score, and route leads in real time.
  • Integrate your Martech systems to capture the full lifecycle of leads beginning with first click attribution resulting in analytics to drive strategy with data.
  • Enable your team with the ability to easily create, dynamically manage, and creatively contribute to digital campaigns.
  • Increase conversions by using effective landing pages with the ability to quickly create them, measure results, and easily enhance them as needed.