TruGreen, the nation’s number one lawn care provider, needed a new intranet solution. Because they employ thousands of people and have many internal departments, they needed a way to unify content so it’s easily manageable and accessible. Building a solution wasn’t difficult, but it was tough giving the platform a consistent look and feel and creating a format to promote the company’s news, vision, and goals. TruGreen needed a way to ensure user adoption once the platform was ready for use.

Business Need:

TruGreen was using an outdated intranet solution that was difficult to maintain for employees and administrators. Because of a large merger, they needed to be able to on-board thousands of new employees quickly. TruGreen needed a solution that was user friendly, centralized, and able to be integrated with other internal systems.


Fifty Seven Pounds provided an attractive, easy-to-use web interface sitting on top of the robust, highly functional SharePoint engine. SharePoint, a widely used collaboration tool, houses employee information and is customizable depending on the needs of the organization. For TruGreen, custom components like bookmarks, favorites, one-portal accessibility of all in-house applications, search, and centralized policy manuals were added to their platform. All of TruGreen’s business systems have been deeply integrated into the solution. From HR to Legal, all departments have content in one location, and users are able to easily access all pertinent company information.


TruGreen employees have readily accepted and quickly adapted to the self-service tool, and their day-to-day activities are now streamlined. Because the new tool is a one-source location, employees can access news, corporate policies and critical business information all from a single source. This saves time and meets many user needs. The new portal is simple to use, attractive, and valuable for the company. It also helps make new employees feel more at home, as they are now able to transition more quickly into their roles.