TruGreen, a full service lawn care provider, needed a streamlined process for completing yearly evaluations of property for their customers. TruGreen wanted dynamic, branded web-based forms that would allow their representatives to enter information into a workflow and output a PDF that could easily be sent directly to the customer. All data and communication with the customer is now stored in a central place that management can review.


TruGreen is the nation’s number one lawn care provider.  Their commercial client representatives call on existing customers for a yearly evaluation of their property.  At the completion of this visit, the representatives use a form to show this evaluation along with recommendations.  They have the customer sign the form and it is then filed in a centralized location.  The process to complete these forms has been very cumbersome to the representatives as they were solely using paper forms and they had to manually import that information.

Business Need

TruGreen needed a way to easily create a branded customer form on a tablet that could function in both online and offline mode.  The form needed to allow for a customer signature and an association of photos of the property related to the customer.  After the form is completed, it would need the ability to be saved in a centralized location, and completed as a PDF that was readily available for print or email.


Fifty Seven Pounds built a SharePoint portal that creates the web-based forms for the application.  The portal allows you to create forms and dynamically add questions and answers for each form as they pertain to each customer.  These forms are optimized for the tablet experience.  They use HTML 5 and CSS 3 to accommodate online and offline functionality.  The tablet-based web pages also allow for easy PDF creation and transmission to the customer.


This tool has completely streamlined the evaluation process for the representatives.  They are able to easily create consistently branded forms and generate what is needed for the customer.  They no longer have to go through a cumbersome process to create these forms.  All data and communication with the customer is stored in a central place that management can review.  This helps them to review the customer interactions as well as identify any areas where the representatives may need additional training as well as any apparent problems.  This tool has been an overall success for the company.