Sitecore was implemented to provide an automated referral engine. The referral engine allowed the customer to switch focus from numerous manual processes to enrolling new partners and capturing net new customers.


Our customer, an industry leader in home security, wanted to grow their customer base by collaborating with partners to capture net new customer leads. In order to engage with a partner, the partner must complete a comprehensive audit to ensure they meet compliance standards. This process was tedious and time consuming including manual processes to provide:

  • Background check for partner
  • Payment Information for Commission Payout
  • Toll Free Number Assignment
  • Landing Page Creation for Partner
  • Best Practices Documentation
  • Approved Marketing Materials
  • Notification and Status on Referral Leads

The business needed a system that would automate processes, reduce time for new partner enrollment, provide a dashboard for active partners to monitor leads and payouts, and enhance end-user/customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 was also being implemented at the enterprise level so there was a desire to leverage CRM for storage and status of customer leads and partners.


Fifty Seven Pounds created a web application in Sitecore that handled many of the manual processes via asynchronous web services as the partner prospect progressed through an enrollment wizard including all previously manual processes. Microsoft CRM workflows were also integrated into Sitecore via middleware to initiate additional Sitecore processes based on status of CRM records.

Sitecore was used to house approved marketing materials. This included dynamic flyers with partner toll free number, personal information consumed from CRM, and a personalized URL for dedicated landing pages. The pages are created dynamically at the time the partner is approved by the compliance department.

Lastly, Sitecore was used to create analytics dashboard personalized to all active partners showing the status of leads, total commission payout, and the ability to filter data to provide insightful information (i.e. Year-to-Date commission, and analytics on each open lead status). A messaging center created within Sitecore was also used to notify active partners of company messages and updates relevant to referral management.

"The new referral engine allows us to focus on partnership strategy as opposed to new partner enrollment, and it also allows us to provide better content and direction to our partners out in the field! By utilizing this program, our partners get all the information they need, marketing or status of customers, as soon as they log in! We are constantly getting great positive feedback about the look and feel of the portal” - Operations Support Specialist