Microsoft makes major moves with their eyes set on the cloud. Use our list of resources to find out more.

Amazon continually positions itself at the forefront of the cloud-based technology charge, but Microsoft is no longer sitting passively in the backseat. At the recent annual Build conference in Seattle, Microsoft came out swinging. The tech giant made some announcements that is raising eyebrows and working to position them as a major cloud competitor.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, unveiled a new direction for the company. The new developments include a move away from strictly Microsoft-based platforms and some new steps in the direction of IoT, databases, and analytics.

Microsoft acquires GitHub and focuses on the cloud

At the end of 2018, Microsoft acquired GitHub, an open-source platform for developers. Despite their historical adherence to proprietary systems, Microsoft has vowed to retain the developer-first mindset that has always driven GitHub, even becoming one of the leading organizations to post code. To this end, Microsoft is integrating other tools, such as Alexa, to be used in their systems and opening up the use of their technology for other platforms, as seen with the Edge browser for MacOS.

Following on the heels of the GitHub procurement was the announcement of additional features for Microsoft’s Cloud product, some aimed directly at making Azure easier to use for GitHub users.

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Microsoft improves IoT platforms

To continue with their dedication to openness, Microsoft also announced enhanced features for Azure IoT Edge, their solution for the internet of things. IoT Edge now integrates with Kubernetes, Google’s open-source container orchestration framework. IoT Central, Microsoft’s IoT SaaS solution, has also gotten a facelift and now offers enhanced capabilities.

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Scalable databases to enhance Microsoft’s Cloud offerings

Microsoft announced new scaling opportunities with the Azure SQL Database, their serverless database solution. The new enterprise services will allow for companies to scale up and down as necessary, while only paying for the computing resources they use. Another recent acquisition, Citus Data, is making it possible for Microsoft to offer Hyperscale on Azure databases.

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Microsoft ups the analytical ante

Analytics is always on the tip of the tongue when discussions over technology arise. To meet the demands of businesses and the need for better analytics, Microsoft launched two new features in Azure Data Factory, their cloud-based data service. These additional components are Mapping Data Flows and Wrangling Data Flows. Mapping Data Flows is a data transformation tool that doesn’t require coding. Wrangling Data Flows is a data visualization feature.

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