Sitecore and its native A/B test module were leveraged to perform multi-variant testing on different homepage designs which allowed the business to select a new design based on analytics and conversion data.


A home security industry leader's customer-facing websites share a primary goal: lead form conversions and/or leads routed into their call centers via toll free numbers. The business was working with different design agencies to identify ways to improve conversion rates. After a submission of three designs, the design providing the best conversation rates was selected based on live-testing by actual users as opposed to subjective preference.


Fifty Seven Pounds proposed leveraging the Sitecore A/B test module as a solution. Typically, the Sitecore A/B module is used to test different content within content widgets within a page. We leveraged the A/B module to test entire homepage designs while using Sitecore the track conversion performance on the backend.

The multi-variant test was created in a way to render a different design for new visitors. Sitecore campaigns were created for each homepage design, and a unique campaign code and phone number was presented on the site to track performance of each design independently.


The test ran for three months, and a winner was clearly identified based on analytics and customer conversion data.

Upon completion of the multi-variant test, our customer expected a significant amount of development work effort to disable the A/B logic so all users would see the selected design, but this was a simple configuration change that required minimal work effort thanks to the Sitecore A/B module.

"The multi-variant test project for our website helped us identify a design that was optimized for our primary business goal, lead conversion performance. This project also reduced the time required to implement the best performing design based on the captured results.” - Digital Acquisition Manager