Fairway Mortgage is seeking a solution to consolidate microsites managed by different resources and ensure web content satisfies compliance regulations. This Sitecore implementation will allow non-technical users to create new microsites in a fraction of the previous time or work effort required. Indirect SEO benefits will be realized with this solution as well.

Business Need

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation (FIMC) employs loan officers across the country to provide services on their behalf. These loan officers typically create their own microsites to communicate and market to customer prospects. This presents a challenge for the business since the microsites are independent of each other with no ability for governance or changes without updating each web application separately.

In addition, FIMC observed an opportunity to reduce management cost by removing duplication of content across these microsites, and enabling non-technical users to perform day to day updates on their website.

Sitecore Solution

Fifty Seven Pounds proposed using Sitecore as a solution to meet the business need. All loan officer microsites would be migrated into Sitecore and content would be created in reusable Sitecore components to avoid content duplication. This approach will standardize loan officer pages allowing non-technical users to create new microsites in a fraction of the previous time or work effort required.

Sitecore is being used as a master data management solution for loan officer content. A centralized data store for loan officer content ensures that compliance and/or legal content is accurate and consistent across all loan officer microsites. In addition, this architectural approach reduces management cost since updates are applied at the data source and propagated out to all applicable microsites.

Indirect benefits will also be realized with this solution such as optimized SEO since all microsites are now hosted under a single domain with URL structure and page meta-data that abide by SEO best practices.


Once implemented, all loan officer microsites will have consistent branding, content, and design. The process to create microsites will be simplified and automate previously required manual processes. Management of microsite content will be reduced, and SEO benefits will be gained due to all microsites living under a single, SEO optimized, domain.

Loan officers will also have the ability to tailor each microsite to their own needs while abiding by governance created within the system to avoid issues with legal content. A phase two approach is also being discussed that would include a web application that automates the microsite creation process even further. This would be accomplished by extending Sitecore’s Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM) module.