This solution utilized Sitecore campaign management to enable non-technical users to create, update, and modify lead generation landing pages. Thus, providing the capability to effectively and efficiently launch new partners and test creative that will drive more qualified lead volume without technical resources.


Our customer, an industry leader in home security, leverages specific landing pages to reach customer prospects for different marketing channels (i.e. Direct Mail, Email Campaigns, Radio Ads, TV Ads, PPC, etc.). There was a need to tailor each landing page with different product offerings, incentives, and messaging depending on the channel. They handled this in the past via hard-coded landing pages for each scenario. The existing landing page strategy required code deployments and redundant work effort for each page that was created. They needed a more efficient way to meet the business need while reducing duplicate work effort from their development team.


Fifty Seven Pounds proposed leveraging Sitecore to house landing page content in a centralized place and reducing the amount of duplicate work effort. In addition, the proposed solution would store landing page product offers, incentives, and messaging within Sitecore to remove the requirement for code deployments each time a new page was created.

New functionality was also proposed including usage of the Sitecore campaign engine. This allows non-technical users to reuse existing landing pages and content variants with new campaign tracking via query string parameters. Basically, this allows a user to engage visitors into different Sitecore campaigns with a single URL.


The solution was implemented for one of the largest customer-facing web applications for this industry leader. This allowed the marketing team to change their strategy quickly and efficiently based on analytical data. This solution also provided an easy way to track channel performance at a granular level while reacting to new marketing opportunities immediately.

In addition to increased efficiency and visibility into performance, this solution allowed the marketing team to have more control over landing page management allowing them to react faster on new marketing opportunities.

"The new landing page process has really created great flexibility of options and tools we have at our disposal, and it’s going to improve speed to market to bring these responsibilities over to our marketing team. The ability to re-purpose existing landing pages for new initiatives by adding a query string parameter to the URL saves us time and gets new pages into market with ease and efficiency.” - Digital Acquisition Manager